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Baby Doll VHS

Baby Doll VHS

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Baby Doll VHS. Condition is "Excellent". Sealed! 

In Baby Doll, as in their A Streetcar Named Desire, filmmaker Elia Kazan and writer Tennessee Williams broke new ground in the movies' treatment of sexual situations. They also unearthed nationwide comment and controversy. "What a lot of people will be how Baby Doll got by the Code office in the first place," said Variety. The Legion of Decency condemned the film because "it dwells almost without variation or relief upon carnal suggestiveness." And Time described Baby Doll as "possibly the dirtiest American-made motion picture that has ever been legally exhibited."

Movies have changed much in subsequent years and Baby Doll, nominated for four Academy Awards® and winner of Golden Globes for Carroll Baker and Kazan and a British Academy ward for Eli Wallach, took a giant step toward those changes. Most of all, it remains compellingly entertaining. Watch stars Karl Malden, Baker and Wallach ignite a classic that, Leonard Maltin says, "still sizzles."

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