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Memoirs of a Russian Princess

Memoirs of a Russian Princess

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Memoirs of a Russian Princess. Here-captured by the pen of the beautiful Princess Vavara Softa-is court life in Imperial Russia at its most glorious, at its lowest; while the serfs suffered untold cruelties, the aristocracy gave itself over to unbridled sexual pleas-ures. In this setting, Memoirs of a Russian Princess presents the touching, yet brutal, self-portrait of the Princess herself-her debaucheries, her tender love for the mechanical statue Belphe-gor, her tragic end as the mistress of Emperor Paul and the wife of Count Tarrasoff. Few readers will fail to be moved by the frenzied life of this lovely though lascivious Princess, or by the spellbinding revelations she affords of the society in which she lived.

©1967 Grove Press

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