Meanie Pie Enterprises

Publisher of Cult, Exploitation, Art, VTG Sleaze, Etc. Designs from Apparel and Beyond.
Fanzines, Memoirs and Fiction coming soon!

After 10 years as an art director in the soul sucking video game industry (150 games!), I chose my own path and began freelancing as a designer and social media admin. I felt like I could never find products online that actually showcased my eclectic taste. Since I am a designer, I wanted to make things that reflected my various passions. I also plan to help artists that I know by collaborating with them on their projects. My client list over the past 22 years has included the following: Destination Software Inc., Namco, MLB, Holt McCallany, Helmut Berger, Jello Biafra, La Rocka, Doctor and the Medics, Shonen Knife, Zombierella, Magas, Westgate Gallery, Lydia Lunch, The Damned, Christian McLaughlin, Nina Antonia, IBTrav, :AJNA:, and Debbie Rochon. To view a sampling of my portfolio, click the button below.


Meanie Pie Enterprises now has WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Everything is drop shipped directly from my printers. Any questions, please fill out the form on my contact page and I will get back to you asap.